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I have a question regarding a most unfortunate incident I recently saw in a pornographic film. In the film, a woman was being anally penetrated doggy style by a rather well endowed man. At one point, the man pulls completely out of her, and, in the process, takes her intestines with him.

Rectal prolapse

I love being anally penetrated, so tell me, what am I to do? Rectal prolapse happens when your rectal walls and muscles are weakened to the point of collapse and can literally no longer hold themselves up within your rectum. It could be completely internal, a slight protrusion or a full protrusion.

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This all depends on how weakened or stretched the anal sphincter itself is. So, things that can stretch your asshole include long-term anal sex, but also a variety of bowel issues like frequent and long-term constipation, diarrhea, and strained defecation—as well as rose.

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People who women experiencing rectal prolapse to any degree are strongly advised not to engage in any anal play until treated, for obvious reasons. While treatment varies, in cases of full protrusion, anal surgical procedure is usually necessary.

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So, back to the video, it would make sense for the rectal walls to exit the anal sphincter when the man withdrew from the woman because the penetration itself was likely what was holding her in during the act to begin with. Some people engage in tons of anal play and never have any issues, korean young fuck others report problems after having plain old anal sex once with an average-sized penis.