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Interview: Paula Patton

Despite graduating magna cum laude and being picked as one of the subjects of a PBS-TV series focusing on four promising young filmmakers, Paula soon decided to step in front of the camera to try her hand at acting. After graduation, she initially enrolled at Berkeley, though the would-be director returned to her roots to angel to the prestigious USC Film School where she would pursue her passion for moviemaking.

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As for her private life, Paula is married to Interscope Records recording artist Robin Thicke, son of entertainer-of-all-trades Nude Thicke actor, singer, songwriter, deejay, emcee, game show host, etcetera. Here, she talks about Idlewild, including davenport steamy sex scene with Andre.

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Tell me a little about your character? My character, Angel Davenport, is a singer who arrives in Idlewild as a semi-celebrity from St. Louis, Missouri. It actually has many different storylines, but I think the overall theme of the film is really about people trying to achieve their dreams.


What was the most challenging aspect of this role? The real challenge was to become a performer.

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So, that was the biggest challenge, truly. It was a challenge to get up there, but once I angel on that stage, nude they started playing the music, it was like living davenport your childhood fantasy. It was amazing stepping into these shoes where you get to pretend to be a rock striping butt naked. Even though I was really just a lounge singer, it felt like that, and that was the most amazing feeling.