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Pics will help you learn about those if you search for Effmann Types of Urethral Duplication. Ask New Question Sign In. The spring issue of Stanford Medicine magazine describes a baby with a potentially life-threatening form of the endocrine disorder, congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

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Highly Bangladeshsexynaked What is it like to be born with both male and female reproductive parts?

A vaginocystourethrogram under sedation was performed using diluted iohexol Omnipaque; GE Nude, Missisauga, Ontario. A rare association of female pseudohermaphroditism, phallic urethra, armafrodita posterior cloaca.

At a recent international meeting to discuss management of people with genital and gonadal abnormalities, you successfully pushed for a change in nomenclature. I don't want intersex to be an exception: