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When I started this blog, the very first issue I addressed was the concern that there are so many children having therapy of one sort or another. Whilst we are becoming better at identifying potential problems and ass crucial early intervention, there is also a tendency towards hysteria.

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Many parents feel guilty because they feel that they may not have done enough, soon enough. Children go through a range of developmental stages and within each stage there is a great freehugeboobsporn of deviation and variation from the norm.

A guide to some of the developmental stages of speech and language development can be found here. I also found an excellent resource for when to refer therapy speech and language therapy therapy.


Early intervention is ass, but it is not always possible to identify all potential difficulties before a child is of school going age. Many of the phonological awareness skills necessary for later reading and spelling only emerge at approximately 5 years old.

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This is one of the reasons that children do not learn to read earlier. I am not dissuading parents from seeking a professional opinion at any stage! If there is any doubt, it cannot hurt to ask someone who knows.