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T.I. & Tiny Travel with Small Army in Detroit

Wurtzel for 20th Century Fox starring Laurel and Hardy. It is also known as Forward March.

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The young, spoiled but feeble Daniel Forrester IV Dick Nelsona very rich eligible bachelor, gets his draft notice from the US Army and is beside himself with joy, because now he has a chance to prove he does not have the weak constitution his aunts Martha Mae Marsh and Agatha Ethel Griffies believe him to have.

Daniel performs well at his naked novela actresses physical and is enrolled in the army indian club nudes afterward.

To look after Daniel during his service, his chauffeur Ollie Oliver Hardy and gardener Stan Stan Laurel join the army at the same time.

T.I. & Tiny Travel with Small Army in Detroit

They all go guns basic military training at legendary Fort Merritt in Texas. Daniel big the army to his liking, performing excellently at the exercises, but Stan and Ollie are less happy with their new duties. Their drill sergeant, Hippo Edmund MacDonaldconsiders Stan and Ollie to be lazy, and their antics drive the sergeant crazy. Stan's pet crow Penelope is a constant source of irritation to the sergeant. But what irritates Hippo most is that the fort's photo developer, Ginger Hammond Sheila Ryantakes a special interest in Daniel.

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The sergeant, babe has tried to catch Ginger's heart himself for quite some time, becomes jealous babe Daniel. Daniel confesses guns love for her in his sleep, while Stan and Ollie listen in.

America's Gun Business Is $28B. The Gun Violence Business Is Bigger.

They do not want Daniel to pursue Ginger, since they are not certain that his health will cope with the strain of a romantic involvement. Stan and Ollie worry that a such relationship between the two will kill their employer, so posing big businessmen, they pay Ginger a visit at home and try to deflect her by telling her that Daniel is broke and not the catch she believes he is.

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She recognizes them and throws them out of her apartment.