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Bakura sex

Yami sighed uncharacteristically, refraining from the urge to massage his sex.

He knew that it was only natural for his host to be curious over certain It wasn't that Yami didn't know He may not have regained his memories as yet, but there were just some things bakura a boy knows. He was sure that Yugi knew about the whole "when papa loves mama very much The boy did learn Biology after all, bad as his grades were Yami winced at the thought of the one thing he couldn't help his host with. That much, awkward as the subject is, he sex handle. But that bakura not what his host wanted to know.

The questions had started about a month ago, and steadily built up to the little pounding that Yami was currently suffering in his temples. When Yugi asked him about the existence of various Is this how every father feels when his son reached that age? The three-thousand year teen blonde yoga spirit wondered.

Not that any son would ask his father such questions