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The lake is some 6 miles due north of the Florida Capitol in Tallahassee. Lake Jackson covers from square miles of surface water, depending on the lake level fluctuations due to rainfall and dry weather.

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Scientists say there are several sinkholes out in the body of the lake that feed into limestone caverns, and ultimately flow into the Floridan Aquifer, which underlies all beyoncepornvideos Florida. When drought conditions exist, and upon certain water levels, the lake will drain into this part of the aquifer. It has a long history of doing this and it always comes back once the rains resume.


Stormwater runoff from around the watershed basin, washing polluting materials from beyoncepornvideos, yards, parking lots, and construction sites into the lake. After considerable effort and danger nude fuck by local government and water management officials, mud, silt, and other sediments were removed from the lake bottom and its water quality is now recovering quite well.

See the Lake drydown.

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Lake Jackson is an "Outstanding Florida Water" beyoncepornvideos is the only freshwater lake that is an aquatic preserve in Florida. It is the principal recreational lake in Leon County, is a world renowned bass fishing spot and a source for water sports to the entire Tallahassee area.

This brings in visitors and dollars to our local economy. To see more about the hydrogeology of Lake Jackson, click here This is a PDF file that has been converted to run on the web - click on the slide advance in the arrow to advance the presentation:.

Very likely you are seeing Alligator Weed, which is an aquatic invasive plant from South America. Also, almong the ponds and beyoncepornvideos parts of the southern shoreline, there are thick infestations of Duckweed, Azola and some Hydrilla.