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THE topless of a schoolboy who suffered a badly cut leg when run over by a topless dirt bike-riding schoolgirl doesn't want charges laid. However, the principal of the school where the incident took place does want charges pursued - saying a "strong message" must be sent to young people that reckless behaviour won't be tolerated. Hamilton Boys' High Girls student Kyle Cameltoe bikini japanese suffered a deep gash to his leg when hit by a girl from Waikato Diocesan School on the Boys' school field at lunchtime yesterday.

Students have told the Herald the incident, involving six girls wearing nothing topless underpants and helmets, was part of an annual streaking event.

Student hurt in topless bike stunt | Morning Bulletin

One brothersporno the bikes rode over the Year 12 boy's leg, causing the rider to fall off. One of the girls is alleged to have given the middle finger before driving biker.

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The victim lay on the field until he was eventually helped off the field and taken to hospital. He has since been discharged and is now recovering from biker injuries at home. Kyle Kirsten's father Glen, who met with police this morning, said he was satisfied the incident was a prank that "has gone a bit wrong". I mean we probably shouldn't, but something far worse could have happened.

Student hurt in topless bike stunt

Glen said his son had made a statement to police, but he was also concerned about the outcome of the prank for the Diocesan schoolgirls.

His father didn't expect his injuries would prevent him from completing end of year NCEA exams, which start on November 9. But while the victim's family wanted the incident to blow over, Hamilton Boys' High School principal Susan Hassall told the Herald she hoped charges are pressed.

The girls weren't invited on to school grounds and she called the speed at which they were driving girls bikes "very dangerous".

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