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Black nakef wrestlers

Thirteen-thousand fans pack an arena in anticipation of big fights, championship bouts, and a whole lot of drama. This is Lana, the ravishing Russian, and she is berating the Americans, foolish though they may be, in order to hype up her associate Alexander Rusev, the Super Athlete.

Pro Wrestling Is Fake, but Its Race Problem Isn't

He will face off against Big E, a somehow even larger wrestlers, waving the American flag with equal ferocity. Professional wrestling, everyone knows, is theater. Its finishes are predetermined, its storylines are scripted, and its characters are a product of a team of creative writers.

The performers are real people and wrestling is nakef job, and WWE is a real company that makes a lot of real money. Rusev has been squashing black wrestlers almost exclusively since his debut back in April.

Before Big E, there was R-Truth, who comes down to the ring dancing and rapping; Kofi Kingston, a Jamaican whose accent mysteriously vanished a year or so after his debut; and Videobam fellatio Woods, a legitimate Ph.

Fans online remarked in amusement at the coincidence, at first. That tweet was quickly deleted, and perhaps in black, the next guy Rusev beat had a lot less melanin in his skin, a Jersey Shore -inspired jobber named Zack Ryder. But Rusev quickly returned to form, beating Big E at Payback. Those scare quotes need an explanation. Fans recognized that since Raw was the flagship show, whatever championship was defended on Raw was the real world championship.

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