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Carla Bruni nude photos lured hacked G20 delegates

Nude pictures of former French first lady Carla Bruni were used to break into the computer systems of dozens of diplomats, it emerged today. The shocking security breach was first discovered at the G20 summit in Paris in February and may be ongoing. Once accessed, the Trojan Horse infected the computers of brunie officials as well as forwarding the offensive email on to others.

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Sarkozy was first embarrassed by nude pictures of Bruni surfacing shortly after nude marriage, while they were staying with the Queen at Windsor Castle during a state visit to Britain.

The so-called phishing nude are thought to have originated in China and were aimed at extracting information.

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Getty Images The cyber attack on the Paris G20 summit took place before the 6th G20 summit in Cannes, in the south of France, which involved heads of government. There have been a number of similar attacks in France, leading the country to be proactive in mallu sex strip defence.

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Sarkozy, a conservative, lost the presidential election brunie the Socialist Francois Hollande in and is now dealing with a range of corruption charges. This article originally appeared on News. Read Next.