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Charles theron sex

The majority of on-screen sex scenes are unrelatable, sex trash, we know this. It's only recently, since we've been graced with the likes of Sex EducationFleabag and Special that we're seeing legit, honest theron of what it's really like to rub your bits against someone else's.

Charlize Theron gets her revenge eight years after sexual harassment

And it looks like Long ShotSeth Rogen's new movie starring Charlize Theron, is girls drugged rape to be added to the above list. Seth's character is a journalist who's assigned to meet Charlotte Field Charlize - a super powerful politician. Naturally, they shag. The pair appeared on The Graham Norton Show to chat about one of the very real and ridiculous sex scenesand why it's so bloody important.

Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen Talk Long Shot Sex Scene

Zac Efron's also kicking about on Theron sofa, and very kindly explained the joke for us, "Because that never happens in real life. Seth admits coming quickly happens to him a lot, and then passes over to Charles to explain what the sex scene is all about. And what's refreshing about this, is that the characters recognise how rare it is, and comment on it. That happens all the time.

Move Over Paris & Kim: Charlize Theron’s ‘Sex Tape’ Is Amazing | StyleCaster

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