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Read the Reviews Read an Excerpt. When Tori got lucky, she never imagined that her birthday fling would last longer than one night. Will she step out of the kitchen and into the spotlight? So why does her friend Riley look fuck irresistible?

Sex and the South Beach Chicas

Boring and predictable Victoria Rodriguez had thrown caution aside and indulged in a night of incredible — she wanted to say sex, only it had been more than that — with Gil. Perfect Papi Chulo. Not to mention eyes as blue as the waters in Biscayne Bay and a lean sculpted body. So now, six months later, she was not only living in sin with Gil — albeit lusciously rewarding sin — she was considering spending the rest of her life with him.

This usually meant a ring and an engagement and a shower and a rehearsal, complete with dinner, followed by a wedding with lots and lots of friends and family, only.

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But she worried that her amigas, having just handled the defection of one of their high school friends to the bonds of holy matrimony, chicas not be fuck for her revelation that she and Gil were thinking sissy free porn making the big leap into marriage. Since the condo lay just beyond the end of Lummus Park, the first block was relatively free of the tourists chicas party animals that crowded the central portion of the Art Deco district.