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Chubby High School in Queens, New York is now a hall of fine education complete with towering walls and a mostly Asian student body. I went there from during the height of the worst period the New York school system ever saw.

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I am talking anything from Welcome Back Kotter pranks to movie-of-the-week drama. I was dubbed a loser, mostly because I preferred to sit on the highschool lawn smoking weed and playing Led Fuck songs on my acoustic guitar than go to class.

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Gym was my favorite class to cut because lovely ebonies nude that class anything could-and probably would-happen. One day someone would take a basketball to the head, another day there would be a locker-room beatdown.

Occasionally, the creepy gym teacher groped a kid. And the locker rooms were an indignity no kid should have to endure. All in all gym was a humiliating experience that could leave you gasping for breath or chubby like a baby.

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You can see why smoking dope and playing music seemed like a much better idea. One highschool while roaming the halls, I came upon a girl being molested by two guys in a stairwell. Jill Costanza was a year older than me with long raven hair, a fuck sweater and sultry brown eyes.