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College sorority party

The Truth About Sorority Date Parties

Most sororities ban alcohol in their houses. On college campuses across America, groups of men who've pledged a brotherhood to one another ariel lick mermaid part of a fraternity gather and throw parties with alcohol.

Most women who are part of equivalent sister organizations are prohibited from doing so. That's because of a rule within the National Panhellenic Conference NPC — an umbrella organization of party autonomous sororities — that bans alcohol in sorority houses.


These sororities are not allowed to throw events with alcohol, because their governing national chapters voluntarily elect to adhere to that rule, and pay lower insurance premiums as a result. Since sororities can't throw parties themselves, they throw a number of joint parties, or "mixers," with fraternities throughout the year, which make the two organizations college.

At Yale University, college students note the inequity in the arrangement.

The Truth About Sorority Date Parties | HuffPost

Sorority rule also means party off-campus parties longsex fucking almost exclusively sorority by male-only organizations. And in these spaces men are in control. Fraternity brothers monitor the door, dictating which attendees are worthy of entrance and gauging the gender ratio, and stand behind the bar.