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Follow our blog for news, images film and photo previews, exclusive behind-the-scenes spanking shoot reports and latest website updates. A knowing twinkle in Headmaster and schoolgirl's eye Does Auntie Margaret enjoy punishing a little too much?

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In Big Trouble: Click here if you want to register a new account or here if you forgot your login details. Posted at We seek storylines and situations that turn us on and tickle our imaginations, allowing us to transport ourselves into the scene and vicariously experience the unknown.


This spanking film shows how spanking and friendship can be excellent catalysts to very exciting spanking and caning porn. There is no obvious seduction, no pantomime of desire.


Pandora and Sarah are clearly very comfortable with one another, and that comfort provides a soft and stable grounding to this unscripted, behind consensual scenes porn film.

In lieu of theatrical roles, we get to see sparkling smiles, shy eye contact, sincere compliments and genuine excitement about the thrills of discovering, honing and thoroughly enjoying spanking both professionally and privately. I sexy white tranny appreciate how genuine this lesbian spanking film is.

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