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Crazy mormon

Mormonism is either one of the biggest frauds in human history or it is the second most important thing to ever happen on this planet.

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Let me be clear and immediately state that I believe hot babe nuded most important event to ever take place on this earth was mormon Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know the first statement is a bold one, but let me try to explain why its true…. Mormonism makes a bold claim, which is why they also take a lot crazy heat from other Christian religions.

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They believe that Jesus Christ established His Church when he was on the earth. They believe that before Christ was killed, he bestowed the priesthood upon Peter and the apostles. Matt John They believe that men should not be paid for their ministry in the gospel which is why they spend countless hours on missions and in various church callings without crazy any monetary gain.

As mormon went on in the first century, the apostles and the Christians were hunted and scattered by almost every group in the region.

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