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Nudist Beaches in Split, Croatia - Every Nude Beach Listed!

Do I hear you sigh already? Or what actually is a beach?

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OK, I can hear you huff: If this is the definition of a beach, I assure you — you can do this at pretty much every nude of the Croatian coast. Girl the 1, km long mainland, 1, islands and god-only-knows because god created it so gorgeous how many bays, inlets and alcoves, there is a whopping 4, km long stretch where you can meet the divine.

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I mean dip your toes into the Adriatic sea. Of course they would be.

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They have been advertised as the best, disclosed on a map lucy penderehard croatia ad nauseum by professional marketers, travel bloggers and us common folk.

Unless you search them out in the off-season May-June; September-Octoberyour intimate encounter with the sea will turn into a raucous throng.

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Watch out… this is my towel, you idiot… keep it down… get your kids under control, that fool splashed all over me…. I take back my word if a beach has the blue flag for excellence. These will never disappoint.