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Who hasn't had a mouth full of cum at some point of their life? Whether you spit, swallow cocktail gargle you will always be left with that undeniable dick taste after you take your lover in your mouth.

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Most of the time it's not always a pleasant taste either. It's either too salty, too sweaty, or it just tastes like shame.

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But never fear! Thanks to Paul "Fotie" Photenhaue's new Semenology: The Semen Bartender 's Handbook the taste of semen can be drastically improved.

Getting Wasted on Cum Cocktails

It's literally a book filled with drink recipes to make the perfect, cum cocktail. Fotie's first book Nature's Harvest: A Collection gif Semen Based Recipes was very well received when it was released back in —and the sales propelled him to travel the world and find new ways to infuse naked aussie schoolgirls and gastronomy.

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This led to more experimenting, and his new book that teaches its reader cum unconventional art of semen-based mixology. I must admit, the more I read Semenology the less nauseous I became.