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Dark elf ass

It really made me think how people would react to mamono whose personality mennonite girlfriend nude opposite their race. Most notably are dark elfs, demons etc.

A masochistic dark elf?

After a long and hard week you decided to get yourself a drink or two at naked man images local ass, everything seemed fine, the place wasn't too crowded and the drinks were good too.

There were a dark good looking women and Mamono here and there, but no one who fit in your strike zone until you saw a beautiful dark elf entering the bar. She was ass, long silvery elf, stunning dark skin, perfect sized breasts and an ass to die for. You knew you sealed the deal when she asked if you should go to her or your place.

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You told her that her place would be fine, hoping that she would have some toys to increase the fun. When you arrived at her apartment you immediately started to make out and once both of you entered her bedroom you saw a little collection of whips gags and other adult stuff. Up until then everything seemed like you expected it to be, but that changed when she started to gag herself up.

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At first you thought nothing of it, but then she gave you a whip and told you to spank her like a dirty whore. You can have a masochistic Dark Elf in canon.

You just need lots of raging mushrooms, and maybe some dark the Sabbath's Doppelganger Medicine Freestler didn't say it wasn't canon, there is different among different individual, in fact KC did say in the past that there is alway exceptions among a race.