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Last Updated on May 12, She started dancing from the age of nine in a folkloric troupe.

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Dina said in an interview to El Safy b, para. Dina comes from a wealthy Egyptian family and she has a degree in philosophy, so her background is different from that of most dancers of the past, who came from naked poorer background.

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Once again, I see porn foto nepali same words that appear: Obviously, you are smart, you have credentials, you come from a decent family.

How did you become a dancer, such a waste. You did not have to do that.

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I come from a wealthy family, I studied up to the university. I danced because I wanted to.

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I am an artist. This is our heritage and I am, unfortunately, probably the last guardian. However, she has always defended her right to dance, egypt spite of dina, and the title of her autobiography, My Freedom to Dance reflects her feelings.