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I did it!!!! I got completely naked for the camera! Here is a little Vlog from on set. But here I am, I took all of my clothes off gril I stood in front of a group of people who filmed me naked.

I have always enjoyed pushing my limits and in the past few years I have done this a lot which has brought me to the current amazing situation I am in now in, making nudity porno amatures a part of living, moving art which is my passion.

What do I know better than my own body and mind right?

Fat Naked Porn

However if you are from further afield please feel free to comment on the this post or on Facebook and share your stories and incites. So nice to see the positive things you took away from this experience though I suspect that being the only naked person there I suspect made it less liberating and rewarding than it might of been. As a naturist Fat found it more relaxing being naked with other likeminded people than I probably would being nude with a bunch of clothes ones! Well done though.

Dirty Fat Porn

Life after being naked on camera. Hildy Harland.

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