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My project will document the working conditions, the daily life of marietta workers in Israel and the difficulties that they face because of their status.

There are someimmigrant workers in Israel mainly from Philippines, Thailand, China, Nepal, India and Turkey working in the sectors of farming, care-giving and construction. They live segregated in the poor and old part of Tel Aviv where most Israelis almost never enter.

They transformed the first two floors of the Tel Aviv bus station into a socializing area where they shop and hold karaoke and dance competitions during the weekend.

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Many of them have left space dick children and husbands or wives in their home countries to come to work in Israel alone for six or seven years.

What got me started photographing the foreign workers in Israel was the public phones filipina of Thai and Chinese workers who stand or sit on the sidewalks for hours to call home each weekend.

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This image is so strong in my head since it is a sheer reflection tanned babes topless globalization and the new division of labor marking my generation. We have to ask ourselves why someone from the Philippines, Thailand, China or India has to travel almost to the other side of the globe, leaving their family and home behind, to come to live and work in a place where they do not speak filipina language and the culture is so foreign. The immigrant workers live under very difficult conditions and are exploited because of their vulnerable situation.

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The stories are numerous. Illegal confiscation of their passports by employers, withheld wages, excessive working hours with inhumane living conditions, etc. They also marietta challenges once they return to their country.

I listened to the story of a Filipino woman who left her two kids and husband behind and came to work in Israel.