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It was an embarrassing shambles teacher a saccharine distaff Oliver!

Jamie Foxx was in talks to play Luke Cage

It was certainly interesting. The strip ran a surprisingly long time before it was pronounced dead a few years ago, though the late, witty Jay Maeder once of the New York Daily News gave it a last dash of savoir faire. Meanwhile, Will Smith had snapped up the musical as a vehicle for his daughter, Willow.

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So this could have been worse: Willow gif Annie with Daddy Warbucks transformed into L. Ron Hubbard. Say this for the beleaguered Sony Pictures, it helped us dodge that bullet. One of the best things in the new movie is the opening, in which a supergirl pussy redheaded little girl named Annie delivers a paean to Calvin Coolidge before her class.

Right-wing groups are recruiting students to target teachers

Hannigan Cameron Diaz — about whom anon. First a word about Wallis, with her sky-wide grin and wider hair: She cultivates an inner stillness and shrugs off bad lines. She has evolved beyond cuteness.

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She moves lightly, like a dream. Wallis is Foxx up the wazoo.