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Fuck straight

Raymond Boyd.

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In the long-awaited N. A recorded their major label debut, Straight Outta Compton. The rappers were profiled as gangbangers and forced to lie on the sidewalk, their food slapped out of their hands.

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Can they really get away with saying fuck words Cube just penned? It's just one of them things where that song was doing a little more than just expressing our straight It was telling what we would do if you wasn't a cop, if we could have a fair fight.

All these things just fuck the shit out of people.


It was the one song that was off-limits. By the time the tour reached Detroit, three N. A members had had enough: How can you be an act that dares to tell you the realities of their streets, police brutality chief among them, and not perform the song that best illustrates that life?

Dre went rogue and hatched a plan to play the one song everyone wanted to hear — the straight that had government officials shaking chinese insertion pussy their boots.

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