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Fuck the noise

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Top definition. Yet another way of saying, "I don't fucking think so" or " no fucking wayJose ".

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Man, fuck that noise. Tim brought his new girlfriend to my house last night.

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Fuck that noise! You know he's the doing it to make you jealous!

What does Fuck That Noise mean? : OutOfTheLoop

A phrase used specifically to indicate your dismissal of a particular statement, event, or viewpoint. It is used to categorize something as noise, primarily.

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As if something is not even valid enough to be considered having a form. In reference to a viewpoint, it would indicate it's validity being on par with random noise.

Definition of fuck that noise

As anyone would, with some random noise blaring out of a speaker, "fuck that", is expressive of a desire to mute it. He begins to express his concerns, until someone proclaims " Fuck that noise katsumi gif porn are blabbering fuck. Laughter follows.

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Fuck that noise unknown.