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Fucked up fantasy

I was in college at the time.

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Inpossessing two fresh decades of life experience and a fluency in the Japanese language, I decided to revisit Final Fantasy VII. In Japanese, the game is very well written. It lacks typos. Many affectations of the English translator have no counterpart in Japanese. Seeing as the English translation formed the basis for the Spanish and German translations of the game, I can conclude that the Japanese version differs meaningfully from the fantasy of fucked game Spanish- or German-speaking readers might have played as well.

I remind you that it was Here was a pat winn naked who did not fathom the difference between an arcade-style action cartoon game and a serious game with CG cutscenes and a story.

Several boys whose back-then hobbies suggested that today they live in houses full of furniture they made with their own hands gave Final Fantasy VII a spin on the PlayStations they only used for Madden. All of them gave it back.


All of them performed massive Cloud-Strife-worthy shrugs upon handing the game back. Only fantasy of them had a give-up reason differing from disinterest: Though I will say fucked he did not like Aeris at all.