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Gaging sex

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A woman is most commonly cock gagged by her male partner, but cock gagging can also be practiced in homosexual male relationships. It often gaging that their penis is so large that the woman struggles to take it. Cock gagging also puts the man in a position of power.

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It can appeal to men with dominant tendencies. This is different compared to a traditional blowjob. In a traditional blowjob, the woman sets the pace and pressure.

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The sensation of a deep blowjob, which cock gagging provides, can also be very pleasurable for the male partner. Many men also enjoy cock gagging as the practice has become normalized through its representation in pornography. Due to its association with vomiting and illness, few women report cock gagging as enjoyable. However, some women may agree to the practice to please their partners.

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Some people also believe that cock gagging is sex, nude fuck images this is a matter of personal opinion. Kinkly Terms: Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Toggle navigation Menu.

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