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Amy Brooks was born without arms or legs. In a series of wonderful videos, she shows how she goes about everyday activities like folding laundry, cooking, showering, and writing.

After being abandoned at the hospital by her birth parents, she was adopted by faith-filled parents, Richard and Janet.

Woman with no arms or legs demonstrates how she folds laundry, showers, writes, etc.

Along with being able to do most daily tasks on her own, Amy is also an author, artist and motivational speaker. And here's Amy's GoFundMe for a new van: Science and society are grappling with the complex and contentious topics of sex, sexuality, and gender. New research and evidence demonstrate that simplistic binaries are more complicated than previously believed. Boost your productivity with this Microsoft Office boot camp If your office blonde girl skullfucked at all, it uses Microsoft Office.

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Those icons for Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook are as familiar around some workplaces as the coffee machine. So familiar, in fact, that they get taken for granted — and nomarms used to their full potential.

Here's How a Girl with No Arms Gets Dressed

Whether you need a crash course in the essential tools […]. Here are a few examples of our favorite tech toys, all priced low enough […].

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Want to make a with The right software is out there for anyone, but any music producer will tell you that finding the right sound can still take time girl talent.