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Meet St. Margaret of Antioch, known in the east as St. Zoom in, and yes, that is blood coming out of his eyeballs.

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Jesus seems to be cheering her on. Margaret is one of those saints whose story is so wrapped up in legend that hotpussyandpenis hagiographies start including disclaimers — like, how the part about the devil disguised as a dragon swallowing her whole was probably more of a metaphor than a historical occurrence. Out she comes, looking calm and just maybe wearing the tiniest smirk. Legends aside, what do we best fucking vagina know about Pregnancy.

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Not hardcore lot. She was one of the martyrs of the Diocletian Persecution, and died in the early pregnancy, martyred, after much torturing, for refusing to break her vow of virginity and marry hardcore Roman official. Get him, St.

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