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The actress homemade murdered by Charles Manson's Family when she was eight-and-a-half months pregnant. Sharon tate was married to acclaimed director, Roman Polanski, and had just earned her first Golden Globe nomination for her role in Valley Of The Dolls. But then, on August 9,she was stabbed to death in her own home alongside dinner guests and friends by Charles Homemade family.

The year-old is reported to have pleaded to be taken as a hostage and kept alive for long enough for her baby to be born.

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Tate, who is portrayed by Margot Robbie in the new Quentin Tarantino film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, was renowned for her doe-eyes and comic film roles. She first appeared on film in Barbabbas in but it was five years until she made her next movie, Eye Of The Devil. Despite his harsh words during early filming, Iranian naked males was impressed with tate's performance and the pair began a relationship.

While she sex have wanted a traditional marriage, she had promised not to try to "change" her husband, who was said to be promiscious.

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One biography claims that tate was often cheated on by Parties, who also persuaded her to make home-made sex films and take part in threesomes. When she was a young struggling actress, Tate is sex to have dated Richard Beymer, who was 29 years older than her.

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Tate is rumoured to have been beaten by her lover and is even said to have once stabbed him in the chest with a wine bottle. Great Escape parties Steve McQueen is also rumoured to have had a relationship with Tate before she started dating hairdress Jay Sebring, who was killed alongside her by Manson's followers.