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Lingerie model, 23, says she's never felt sexual attraction to anyone - Mirror Online

A stunning lingerie model who has nearly 20, online fans says she is completely asexual and has never felt sexual attraction for anyone. Yasmin Benoit 23, has never had sex or a relationship and says she has no desire to change this, despite one day wanting to be a mother.

The asexuality activist said she realised as early as the age of nine that she nude teenb asexual, meaning she does not experience sexual attraction at all.

She said that as ibiza grew up, friends and family members assumed she was gay and unable to come out, while others thought she was very well-behaved. Now Yasmin, a graduate in crime science from UCL, travels the world to try and bust myths and stereotypes about asexuality.

The lingerie model, who has nearly 20, followers for her photo shoots, said she doesn't think her job and orientation are a contradiction. Yasmin, from Reading, said: Other people started fancying each other and I didn't, so that was when I knew. I am quite a nonconformist person and didn't think it was the most interesting thing about me.

I was a black girl in a mostly white school who loved heavy ibiza music.

Sorry for the Inconvenience

Some people thought I was gay but hadn't worked it out yet, others treated me like a toddler who didn't understand sex and adults thought Sex was well-behaved. It is no different to walking down the street and having people look at me.

Yasmin is determined to raise sex of asexuality, as she said it doesn't get as much attention or understanding as other sexual orientations. She said she may one day have sex in order to get pregnant, but would still choose not to be in a relationship.