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Heterosexual relationship iranian the main component of mate selection. Regardless of the importance of mate favorites, little is known about exact valued criteria in potential mates. This study was designed to comprehensively explain the theoretical view of the human mating process. This was as an explanatory mixed—method study.

The first phase was a cross-sectional quantitative study with two Farsi-modified versions of instruments: The quantitative phase of this study consisted of dating couples, decided to get married.

The qualitative phase consisted of 28 participants who acquired the extreme scores highest and lowest in the first phase.

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Average age of marriage for women and men was The results of this study in support of evolution-based theory explained that, age teens a preference and choosing an older husband and a younger wife is due to having reproductive capacity. Also, they mentioned that appearance is necessary copulating men because of sexual attraction, not as a prediction for the suzanne vega nude generation appearance.