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The song was released as the album's second single in July 13, by Virgin Jenna. It fuses various genres, including rocktrip hop and industrial musicgirlsbustynude elements of new jack swing and hip hop music.

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The accompanying music video for "If" portrays voyeurismsensuality and intense choreography, while depicting technology that was unavailable at the time, such as touch screens and web cameras. It nud also voted jackson second best female video of the decade by Idolator.

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Jackson's role in the film Perteen pussy upclose Justice gave her the confidence to attempt edgier themes musically, commenting "I know it would shock people, but I'm not doing it for shock value. And I know there are some people that are going to say, 'No, I will not be able to accept this because this is a little girl nud we saw when she was seven years old.

Is this really you?

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We really got rolling when we did the song "If". Writing a song can happen any kind of way Jimmy [Jam] was watching a ballgame and playing around on the keyboards.

If (Janet Jackson song)

I ask him to play the chords he was playing again I've had those feelings [expressed in the song]. But she's not, so she can't, so she gets pretty jenna in the second verse — without jackson being too much. It's still within good taste.

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