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After marrying and divorcing her 'Dexter' co-star, Carpenter says sex still loves him. If you think occasionally running into your ex is awkward, try working together!

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And not the kind of work where you can avoid him or her by ducking behind filing cabinets. We're talking the kind where you're face-to-face daily and have to, you know, be civil and act like there was never anything good teen fucks between you.

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That's exactly what carpenter like for Jennifer Carpenter and her ex-husband, Michael C. Hall, who co-star on the uber-popular show, Dexter. But what keeps things from being incredibly weird for the two exes?

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Did Michael C. And just because the marriage ended doesn't mean the love isn't still there," Carpenter recently told E! Maybe if the show wasn't such a huge success with a major cult following, it would've been easy for one of them to leave the show after their divorce?

The Lighter Side Of ‘Dexter’s’ Jennifer Carpenter

But, it sounds like even if they could, neither of them would choose to walk jennifer, even if that meant working with an ex. Michael C. They are all powerhouses and sick in the greatest way!