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Originally published by the Daily News on July 18, This story was written by Charles W. In the sleazy, cheesy world of x-rated movies, John Holmes was big, a star for 17 years in dozens of porno palace epics that co-starred Candy Samples, Uschi Digart, Kitten Nativadad and other leading ladies with highly unlikely names.

His own screen alias was Johnny Wadd, and in a movie entitled johnny he bragged that he had made love wadd 14, women.

10 Things You Might Not Know About the Late Porn Star John Holmes

Until last summer, however, most Americans had never heard of Holmes. Then a spectacularly gruesome johnny of murder rocked Hollywood, and suddenly Holmes had more publicity than he ever wanted. The case involved four murders, all on July 1,in the trendy Pornstar Canyon area, in one of those homes so favored by actors, musicians and artists.

And politicians — Gov.

John Holmes (actor)

Jerry Brown's wadd was less than pornstar mile away. The victims were Joy Miller, 46, the ex-wife of Beverly Hills lawyer and the occupant of record of the stylish two-story rented home; her boyfriend, William R.

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Each had been bludgeoned, beaten so badly that police used fingerprints to establish their identities. Another target of the attack was Launius' wife, Susan, 29, who suffered severe head wounds, in russia sex survived.

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To police, drugs seemed the most likely reason for the murders. For one thing, Miller had been arrested on narcotics charges 13 months earlier during a raid at the house. Her murder, in fact, came only 28 days before the scheduled start of her trial in that case.