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Last night Carlton hired a harem, Brandi pimped out Yolanda, and someone let Joyce shoot a gun — and that was just the first twenty minutes! Carlton welcomed friends A. Anal built her own den of inequity! She auditioned ten women but only wanted to choose four, to which I say: What is the point of these auditions?

The first set was disappointing — the women only had gifs energy to jangle their hips for one or two full rotations, and the one in the black bathing suit was clearly swiped at by a lion across her lower half before showing up. - porn gif maker

But the next woman really dazzled, immediately becoming horizontal and spinning around like a Gravitron mated with a Scrambler. Carlton hired her on the spot.

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Can we all agree that Carlton is a female chauvinist pig? Alice Paul is rolling over in her grave! Joyce order to appease her kids, Brandi got a new dog, Buddy, gifs replace the surely dead Chica R.

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The only problem is that Brandi fucking hates this dogand it made me over-the-top angry to see how she treated and talked to him. She called him stupid, got pissed off that he was following her around, and bellucci fake porno angry joyce he peed on her comforter.

But also pissed off at her for telling anal world he was a drug dealer because he used to sell marijuana?