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Khajiit big boobs

Why in the world do female Khajiit have breasts?

Hey everyone! Zeratide here, and in theme of my recent Skyrim phase, here is the first of a series of one-shots involving my Khajiit character, and a number of female characters you can't xxx squirt queen marry in Skyrim without codes on the PC.

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Sim'baja, the Khajit thief, strode into the Bunkhouse, twirling a finger through his braided khajiit as he looked for his prey. A boobs gazed nervously at his Dark Brotherhood armor, but he paid them no heed; this was no assassination.

He saw Haelga standing behind the counter, sweat dotting her brow as she served drinks to big patrons. His tail twitched slightly as his gaze lingered over her figure for a moment.

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With knowledge honed by years of assassinations, even before coming to Skyrim, he picked out a number of details. First, the walls of Haelga's room were thicker than were necessary, likely to prevent anyone from hearing her practice her Dibellan arts. Second, the woman seemed a bit horny, occasionally rubbing her thighs together unnoticeably when the various male patrons of the bar made jokes to each other of their exploits.

New Character: The Wild khajiit Ranger by TheEldersScrollsGuy on DeviantArt

And third, he noticed that a number of the patrons were starting to display signs of weariness. Svana walked up to him, polite as ever, and he winked at her, showing he had what she had sent him after. I'll tell you about it tomorrow morning.