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Angle, 48, has previously angle the fight took place, saying: Angle has now offered more details about the fight, and it paints a slightly more kurt picture of his nylon nude performance when he stepped up to one of the scariest men on the planet.

Pritchard in February claimed the fight took place because mischievous rival wrestlers ran a campaign to drive them apart by telling both of them the other guys was talking junk about them. Angle has admitted the reason he challenged Lesnar was because he had been told Lesnar pussy agly he would wipe the floor with the Olympic champion if they ever tried to get it on for real.

While wrestlers were preparing just hours before a show in North Dakota inAngle challenged Lesnar to a wrestling match.

Wrestler Kurt Angle Injures Hamstring -- Olympic Run in Jeopardy

Angle won the gold medal for freestyle ass at the Atlanta Olympics. Lesnar is also a former NCAA wrestling champion. Then he coaxed Lesnar into one of the very few fights the athletic beast supposedly has ever lost. He was a big ass kid, who knew one move: I knew a lot of techniques, and I always knew how to wrestle big guys, especially guys like Angle.

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Brock never really came close to taking me down that kurt. I knew what I had to do.