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Photos ann coulter skinny Lita. WWE Lita, that is. One of the hottest wrestlers and one of the hottest WWE Divas of all time.

The Hottest Pics of WWE's Lita (Amy Dumas)

And not only that, Lita is one of the hottest girls of all time. Her real name is Amy Dumas.


Naked Dumas is one of the hottest women to ever walk the earth So, if you're sexy for hot Lita lita, this is the list for you! Lita is well known for not only her stunning looks, but her amazing in ring talent.

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She is universally considered one of the greatest female wrestlers to ever lace 'em up. With that in mind, here are the best Lita pictures, ranked by hotness. This gallery even includes Lita bikini pics and Lita swimsuit photos.