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Loving titts

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Here are 101 different names for boobs

The breasts of a male or female, can also be called: Dude, those zepplins are fucking huge! May i suck you titties, ma'am.

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The key distinction of the term is loving it denotes a particlar quality of breast: Most often, but not limited to small breasts but also denoting other qualities such as firmness, perkyness and a generally fun, playfull quality to the breast that endears the viewer to the breat in question.

As a part of the English vernacular the term is widely used to describe women's breasts in general but it more specifically referes to smaller firm breasts.


This distinction is made more clearly when placed in the context of other relevent slang for breasts, such as: Boobs the most generic term for breasts in the North American cultural lexicon. Boobs tend to denote medium to larger breasts B cup to Titts cup with less emphasis on perkyness and loving.

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Jugs are the exclusive domain of big breasts Titts of a Big "C" cup and up. Jennifer removed her lacy bra, revealing the titts delicious little titties and pert nipples I've ever seen.

You could see her titties peeking through her shirt. The girls monique bbw imagefap raved about how perfect Jennifer Aniston's titties looked.