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Mass effect lesbian

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Samantha Traynor

Sign up for free! No lesbian relationship option? Are lesbian no lesbian romance options available in ME2? I played through with my ME1 save where I had successfully romanced Liara, and had some success with flirting in ME2, namely Jack mass Tali, but after the Jack and Miranda fight I sided with Jack Jack simply states that she doesn't want to be a part of the "girl" party.

After Tali's loyalty mission I succeeded in making her blush and get her to tell me that she trusted me enough to share her suit enviorment with me, but alas I gets no play.

Romance Options in Mass Effect series

I effect had a "psuedo date" with my assistant. I stand weepy eyed jason pitt naked my room staring at a picture of my little blue girl. Please don't tell me that my best options for a lay in the galaxy lie in the hands of a scaly guy with half his face blown off or an alien that speaks like a broken teleprompter.