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Masturbation guides


Masturbation is touching yourself downstairs in a way that guides your body to respond. Commonly, masturbation involves using your hand to make a repetitive rubbing or stroking motion on your clitoris or penis.

Usually, this is done for several minutes until orgasm occurs. However, masturbation techniques and outcomes are widely masturbation.

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Sometimes people rub against an object of some masturbation. Some people do it to help them fall asleep.

The Ultimate Guide on Proper and Safe Masturbation (for Men)

Some guides do it to relieve headaches or cramps. Some people do it because their body tells them to.

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Some people do it because their partners enjoy watching. If you want to, go ahead. For many people, it usually does, but not always.


Some people rarely, if ever get any pleasure from it. In other cases, it may be a matter of technique. And in rare cases, there is a athletic porn gif condition that prevents it from feeling good. One such condition is sexual anhedoniawhich is the inability to feel pleasure from sexual activities.