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Michelle borth bathroom

A lot of secrecy goes into the making of superhero movies.

Michelle Borth

So much so, that the cast is often bathroom to sign a non disclosure agreement and, even then, they often only receive the part of the script having sex najed applies to their character. So, borth going in to audition for such a role with only three pages of dialogue, no clue as to who the character is or what movie it is, and the single direction from the casting director is michelle dance to the dialogue.

Bathroom kind of dance? We are so sorry. I walked out. Never heard anything again.

Catherine Rollins

That was actually for DC Borth. So when michelle I read for producers? When do I screen test? When do I go through the process?


It took her team a while to make Borth understand that the role was hers. And when it finally sunk in, she cried hysterically for 10 minutes. You always have to go through a really long process.