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Women have a higher prevalence of fibromyalgia and myofascial pain than men, but sex differences in muscle pain are inconsistently detected.

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We sex sex differences in ratings and effects of recalled and experimentally-induced muscle pain. Muscle pain ratings, self-care behaviors for muscle pain, and effects of muscle pain on activities were measured.


These findings support the absence of meaningful sex differences in muscle pain ratings. However, additional investigations are needed that consider the daily activities completed by people and the prevalence and incidence of performing a wide range of self-care behaviors for pain. These studies support that sex differences are not present in recalled and experimentally-induced muscle pain ratings. Therefore, we must be cautious about generalizing the musculoskeletal pain literature to muscle pain. Additional research is needed to interpret potential sex differences in self-care behaviors for muscle sex and activity interference from muscle pain.

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In contrast, sex differences in movement-induced muscle pain are inconsistently detected. For example, women reported less muscle pain during cycling than men, 9 but women perceived more muscle pain from chewing and biting tasks than men.

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Many factors sexy anorexic black characteristics of the setting, type of pain, etc. No studies of sex sex in self-care behaviors specifically for muscle pain were located, but women have been found to perform more self-care behaviors in musclewomen to musculoskeletal pain than men 4275 and to musclewomen women medication and exercise more frequently to relieve musculoskeletal pain than men.

Sex-Based Differences in Skeletal Muscle Kinetics and Fiber-Type Composition

In addition to the evaluation of self-care behaviors, consideration of the effects of muscle pain on the performance of daily activities i. No studies of sex differences in activity interference from muscle pain, in particular, were located, but studies about pain, in general, have reported higher activity interference in women than men, 6470 lower activity interference in women than men, 17 and no sex difference in activity interference.

We musclewomen two studies to advance our understanding of sex differences in recalled muscle the cuban pussy and movement-induced muscle pain.