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The visionary behind Native Pop organizes another indigenous art collective and traveling showcase, Native American Body of Art, inspiring nude art and potentially a native renaissance. Learned, who organized the Native Pop collective, likewise inspired the Native American Body of Art amerindian and traveling exhibit.

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Learned anticipates a good crowd, if the first Native Pop event, held in Julyis any indication of fanfare. The Native American Body of Art opening kicks off at 5 p. Featuring a live DJ, the event runs until 10 p.

Groundbreaking Nude Exhibit ‘Native American Body of Art’

Naked has a theory. Churches, boarding schools.

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Native people were basically taught not to be who they were. Assimilation led some natives to view the human body through a puritanical lens—as indecent and perverse. Through stripping natives of their language, art and culture, forced assimilation managed woman manufacture consent. Contributing Navajo and Maricopa artist Serena Penaloza agrees: