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Hermaphrodites Animals Fish has 'virgin birth' after fertilising its own eggs in world-first The incident is the first known case naked the development of babies hermpradite a normally egg-laying species following internal fertilisation.

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Cosmetic surgery Dad who suffered lifetime of bullying for 'man boobs' finally plans life-changing surgery to remove C-cup breasts. Naked The bodyxxx hot woman only discovered she was both genders age 30 when IVF revealed her ovaries were actually 'gonads'. Animals Bizarre pictures show world's first two-headed hermaphrodite sea slug naked by divers The creature looks like something bizarre dreamed up by a sci-fi enthusiast, but it's a real animal found in our oceans.

Dogs Female dog Lola turns hermaphrodite after she suddenly grows a penis The once-female pup grew a penis and shocked her owners - with surgery even uncovering testicles. Cats Meet Marbles the hermaphrodite cat who is both male AND female Owners Tom Minns and Claire Gidley thought their pet was female - until it started getting amorous with a friend's cat.

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Hermaphrodites Winnie the Pooh faces playground ban because 'he's a half-naked hermaphrodite' Councillors have objected to moves to name a new park after the popular fictional bear because of his dubious sexuality and minimal clothing. Animals Giant slug invasion: Hermaphrodites Couple speechless after being told their pet kitten Twinkle has both male and female genitalia Retired care worker Brian Green was shocked after being told his 'little black and hermpradite princess' was a hermaphrodite.

Sexuality Man visiting hospital with stomach ache told it's period pains and he's a WOMAN Doctors were stunned to hermpradite a Chinese patient with female reproductive organs - and a penis. Natural wonders Sexual healing: