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Naked nascar chicks

The women behind NASCAR's Monster Energy Girls shrug off the insults, dispel stereotypes

Well gee, this past week or so has been nothing but a whirlwind of fun. But even a FUN whirlwind is a whirlwind…and it can be exhausting.

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I blame my insomnia on this fortune I got back ininside a cookie from TAO: I tried to put on the brakes last Monday, and went to a meditation class at a local Buddhist center. I saw them at the 99cent store once, and it was awesome — naked Tibetan buying nascar cheap Chinese junk.

NASCAR and Toegate | wonderhussy

Anyhoo, the meditation class was OK, but it chicks really aimed at substance abusers, and focused on overcoming addiction…which was kind of a bummer when I went home afterward and wanted a glass of wine: Normally, I just WORK the races as one of the promo babes, but this year, a friend took me as a spectator….

NASCAR weekend is the most magical weekend of the year, when chicks aroundtoothless, redneck speed freaks ahem descend upon the valley to watch their favorite drivers careen around the Speedway and hopefully crash and burn to death in a blaze of red-blooded, all-American glory.

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Anorexic nude erotica year the big race is on a Sunday, but the entire weekend leading up nascar it is one big tailgate party out in the vast, sun-baked moonscape of the Speedway parking lot way north of town.

They had about 20 models in red short-shorts and track jackets, and our job was to hand out samples and apply rub-on logo tattoos. Normally, when working an event like ass rating convention or trade show, no one really wants your shitty give-a-ways — tchotchkes like stress balls and pens with corporate logos.

We handed out sorely-needed stuff like mini deodorant sticks and cologne samples, but even when we burned through all naked after about 30 seconds and got down to the cheesy bikini pinup posters, even those went like hotcakes!