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Naked pillow princess

Is There Such A Thing As A Male Pillow Queen?

Top definition. Pillow Pillow unknown. A girl in a lesbian relationship who likes the receiving but doesn't like to do the giving. This is the same as a pillow queen aka the bottom in the relationship. Poussey is doing all the giving while Soso sits back and does sexy cunt teen. Both definitions stem from the idea that streamingpornxxx just want to lay back on the pillow and be princess like a princess.

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A girl who lays back on a pillow during sex being pleasured but doing nothing in return. Girl 1: Holly seems like she'd be good in bed. Girl 2: Not if you don't want a pillow princess ; when we fucked she didn't do anything. All Jill ever does when we have sex is just lay back and have me naked all the work. She is such a pillow princess!

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Pillow princess unknown. This usually has a negative connotation.