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This is an image I came across Instagram that really struck me that represents one of the topics we cover below — the theme of kindness. I got in touch with Stephen after hearing an interview of him on Buddhist Geeks naked then reading his bookand have maintained a friendship since.

Buddhism From A Contemporary Perspective: An Interview with ‘The Naked Monk’, Stephen Schettini

Below is an abbreviated version of our Skype chat. Stephen [ Spanking teans naked ] suggested it.

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My first draft was similarly Buddhist, but then I realized it was only good for Buddhists mainly academic ones and decided to let go. I wanted to write for the general public.

This book is not about Buddhism — it monk Buddhism. One segment of that audience is people who feel different —alienated, isolated, not mainstream, who are an unconventional fit.

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However my client-base has grown now, to include all kinds and what they have in common is woman of their own reactivity and a strong desire to step back from that and find new perspectives. Sangha is not different.

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Buddhism is not different.