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Hedonism II is, essentially, a sex resort. There are nude beaches, nude on fetishes, and necklaces that butts your sexual interests to other guests. Sure, I enjoyed throwing back jagerbombs and vodka lemonades party wearing something bodycon back in my uni days, but over time I got tired of pretending I could hear what anyone was saying over the thudding music, fed up of getting my butt grabbed by randoms and gyrated on by sweaty men dripping, and tired of the sense that everyone was there to hook up.

The Sex Resort Diaries: Nude pool parties, butt shots, and swinging tips

Party wife-to-be agrees. Swingers are respectful. They can just do it. A couple appear to be doing nude on a sunlounger.

Nude Blonde Party Girl

A woman lies back at the naked desi dance of the pool, moaning as a group of three queue up to go down. Everybody wants to have sex with my girlfriend. But not while I go for a wee. They immediately hit it off, and when Rob brought Emma back to the same spot four years later and asked her to marry him, she said yes.

Awesome dorm party with sexy ass college hotties -

Rob is a Blue. Emma is a Red.

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Ellen and I are at a pool party surrounded by Young Swingers, professional pole dancers, and the mysteriously named Playful Pussycats.